The Healthy Concepts Gym

Our facilities, while modest, provide all you need to for cardiovascular and strength training. All who join Healthy Concepts will also get a workout program and nutritional advice, tailored to their personal needs.

The Healthy Concepts gym is clean, up-to date and safe. We pride ourselves on keeping the best exercise equipment available. Use the photo viewer to the right to have a look around.

Personal Training

Our individual programs will allow you to accomplish your specific goals and needs, while working one-on-one with a skilled Exercise Physiologist. You can also use the facilities on your own, if you wish.

Nutritional Guidance

Personal consultations with us will help you create a diet plan that fits your lifestyle. Sessions include expert guidance in sports nutrition, diet and healthy eating habits.

Body Fat Measurements

Find out what percentage body fat you have with Skyndex fat calipers. These measurements are extremely accurate and will help you keep track of your weight and fat loss.


Fitness fuels your health. It gives you energy, confidence and helps reduce stress. Studies now show that you can actually reduce your "physical age" by up to fifteen years if you exercise. That means that your body will look younger, feel younger and function as if you actually are younger!